What we do

We make culture less complicated.

We work with institutions and regulators, to make culture and its impact clear. Our methods provide transparency, a fundamental prerequisite for effective supervision and monitoring. By identifying the drivers of culture, we also show leaders how they can change behavioural norms to achieve different outcomes.

We want to help leaders create organisational environments that manage risk well, and drive ethical, sustainable business performance. Sometimes this requires change – and we recognise that organisations are influenced by their environment just like individuals are. For this reason, we are passionate about working with various parts of the system: as practitioners, researchers and influencers.

Our work with organisations spans all levels from the Board to the frontline, in businesses and functions, at each line of defence, and sometimes as an independent outside expert. Our deep expertise in the fundamental drivers of culture, risk, assessment and governance allows us to tailor tested methodologies that meet our clients’ needs, without sacrificing methodological rigour and credibility.

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Our work with regulators draws on a breadth of experience: we have worked within, alongside, and as an expert adviser to regulators, in Australia and overseas, within conduct and prudential contexts. As each agency has its own supervisory framework, social and political context, strategic priorities and agenda, we collaborate closely with individual regulators to develop solutions that meet their goals.

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Institutions and regulators are key parts of the system that ultimately guide individual behaviour. However, we also engage with a range of other elements within the system that can have a significant influence: the director community, professional and industry bodies, academics, and others.

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Our other activities

We strongly believe culture can be a force for good, or a barrier. To ensure it has a positive influence, leaders in all parts of the system need to understand it, and one of our primary goals is to help improve this understanding. Whilst our work with institutions and regulators is key to this goal, we also seek out a range of other activities that we think help further this understanding via research, insight generation and knowledge sharing with other parts of the system. This includes various types of engagement with the following groups:

Director community

Board education sessions, participation in bodies such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors, presentations and white papers on topics of particular interest to Directors, and informal knowledge sharing.

Professional and industry bodies

Regular workshops and webinars, public presentations and panel discussions at industry conferences. We have a particularly close relationship with the Institute of Internal Auditors, both in Australia and overseas.


Collaboration and support for both academics and students. We provide opportunities to Australian postgraduate students to participate in field-based practice and research through our work, and maintain close relationships with researchers at leading universities in the UK and US.

Non-government organisations

Facilitation and dissemination of their work on culture-related issues. We are supportive of the UK’s Banking Standards Board, and seek out opportunities to leverage their efforts, and build similar initiatives in other jurisdictions.