Who we are

Our difference

Our team of psychologists and behavioural scientists started assessing culture before it became popular. Over many years, we have been applying tools and techniques that have a long history in the field of psychology, to objectively evaluate the role of culture on risk management. We are passionate about making the topic of culture tangible and real for leaders. Our own research program is continually building new insight on why behavioural norms have such a powerful effect, and how culture can be leveraged to achieve specific outcomes.

Our approach

Like most of our clients, we want to spend our time on work that genuinely makes a difference. Therefore, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. Our team’s expertise in culture and risk is relatively narrow in scope. Our key goal is to have an impact, and there are a few key principles we believe help us do that.

We use behavioural science techniques and principles to ensure our methods of data collection, analysis, stakeholder engagement and influence, are valid, reliable and avoid bias.

Our approach is pragmatic and straightforward, but also deeply respectful of context and nuance. We sometimes need to deliver difficult messages about the reality of behavioural norms and their impact, but we believe in telling the truth, kindly.

Over many years we have observed that the right solution is usually context dependent. We therefore prefer to design an answer that addresses the unique scope of a problem, rather than applying ‘off-the-shelf’ products that may not be fit for purpose.

We take a long-term view. This often means we focus on outcomes (versus process), respect relationships, and have zero tolerance for behaviour that lacks integrity.

Our view is that cultural change requires a system-level solution, not only within organisations, but also across industries. We are always conscious of how parts of the system affect each other, and the opportunities and risks arising from these interactions.

Our Leadership

Elizabeth Arzadon

M.Psych (Org), B.Science (Psych) (Hons)

Managing Director, Kiel Advisory Group

Elizabeth is the Managing Director of Kiel Advisory Group, and a recognised global expert on the topic of cultural and behavioural risk. She is a pioneer in assessing how organisational culture influences conduct, governance and risk management within the financial services sector. Her client and research interests focus on the assessment of cultural risk in frontline, leadership team and Board contexts.